Mulege Prision

Mulege prision…….the new map,in baller budde,my first game in this mapDSC_0125 DSC_0129 DSC_0127….good map

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fantastic poster………………………

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who could be, only he ……………..



the cowboy more Starving west, and the first to invent a transport ecological ……………………

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Howdy ho

After a long period that I couldn’t play, now I’am back. And I hope not so rusty like ZaPaTa 😉

So we play this night in BB same time, same place @20u30 (+1 GTM)

Hope you will come to shoot! I will wait for you 😉


Greetings Jesse James

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Terence Hill the actor of Trinita.

Terence Hill was born in Venice, Italy in 1939. His original name is Mario Girotti. His mother was German (hence the blue eyes) and as a child, Hill lived in Dresden, Germany, just at the time of the Second World War. It was discovered by Italian filmmaker Dino Risi and made his first film, Vacanze col Gangster, 12 years old (1951) From then on, he never stopped. Acted more to support his family and his studies, and his favorite hobby: motorcycles. He studied literature at the University of Rome for three years, until he decided to devote all his time to the movies. In 1962, he appeared in Luchino Visconti classic The Leopard and signed a contract for a series of adventure films and westerns to be shot in Germany. In 1967, he returned to Italy in the lead role of Dio Perdona … No. Io married with American Lori Hill, who worked as an instructor of dialogues in the film. Changed its name from the author of a book of stories Latin, he was reading at the time, Terenzio and joined with the surname of his wife, Hill. – Terence Hill. In 1976, he received invitations to film in Hollywood. Appeared in March Or Die, opposite Gene Hackman and Mr. Billion starred with Valerie Perrine. Since then, focuses on action-adventure films starring him and often by his favorite scene partner Bud Spencer. Today, he lives in Massachusetts and is considered a respected producer and actor.terence-hill Terence Hill e Bud Spencer

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