The fastest gunslinger

Have you ever heard about Bob Munden?

He is the fastest western shooter nowadays.

I hope you like it.

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Big guns…

I think, smoking guns need a big gun.

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More slots available in Terra Nova

As you probably already seen, @spi expanded the number of slots available in Terra Nova ( From 8 to 12. This is what we asked him, to allow more people joining our Thursdays’ Clan Deathmatches (you know… SNH and @aspi often joined, and Donut had wished, but wasn’t able to). Due to summer holidays, Clan deathmatches are suspended now, they’ll be back in September.

Thank you very much @spi!

I’d like to see more clan members in Terra Nova during the whole week.  TN maps are great fun for old bone collectors as we are.

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The magic of a high “picmip”

You know, I like to play SG with a picmip of 9. If you’ve never tried the magic of a high picmip, this is how it looks.

Mine, the Goldiggers’ Town. from SG Biondo on Vimeo.

My first video in absolute. 5 minutes of stream, 1 week of work (learning how to use software included, in spare time).

For those who don’t know what picmip is:

You can adjust how much details you want to see in game tweaking the configuration file (q3config.cfg). Replacing the default seta r_picmip “1” with seta r_picmip “9”, you almost remove any texture from objects and models. This way, the game is cleaner and looks more like a cartoon.

Alternatively, you can change picmip from SG console:

  • open console and write “r_picmip 9” (without quotes)
  • restart SG video: in console write “vid_restart” (also without quotes)


Edited in: CinelerraCV,
Titles: Inkscape,
Vimeo’s optimization: Kino,, and Avidemux,
Music (under Creative Commons license,​licenses/​by-nc-sa/​3.0/​us/​):
“The Recruit”, by reaman,
“El fefefè”, by Space Mariachi,
Electrobel is a real mine of CC music, and they have the best on-line music player I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for Cinelerra tutorials to Raffaella Traniello,​Cinelerra/​HOWTO/​index.html.

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You need a new Peacemaker? Try this one…

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