Happy New Year 2013

Howdy Cowboys!

I wish you a Happy New Year!

For all cowboy, all LAME and of corse, for our Ghost, Biondo, and for the Shadow Fighter too.


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Merry Xmas *LAME*

I remembered we had a vivid topic last year on Christmas. Bit early, but in Belgium we also celebrate the 24th of December a little, with family, presents and nice food.
For those who celebrate, I wish you a nice Christmas 2012, for those who don’t celebrate, I wish you a nice New Year’s eve.

santa on holiday
Since we’re with so many nationalities, It’s nice to know what you’re up to tonight/Tomorrow? How you’re celebrating in your country? Is Santa of any importance there? (In Belgium, he isn’t. We celebrate Dec. 6th, with Saint Nicolas, a Santa-like figure who brings children presents)

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Speed date for *LAME*ers

Hi All,

as you might have noticed, I only play on our thursdays matches. Mainly for time-reasons.
But sometimes I like to play a game, and I see no one is online.
So I propose a second moment in the week, beside our matches, where we agree to meet with some other *LAME* members just to play a little. A quick game, or a little longer. If we agree on such a date it will be easier for all of us to join a decent game against real players (instead of waiting on them). Also, I prefer to play against or with LAME instead of random players.

I propose friday-evening (a way of starting your weekend?) on 4 o’clock GMT +1.
Every week a little public *LAME* moment in BB, to meet up with some of us? What you say!?

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Hey teammates, have anyone sense in a little competion (DUEL) with other SG’ers. Rico made a competition but he is searching for players. I will play on sunday evening.

Here is the deal:
Date: December 23rd, 2012
Time: Start 8PM CET
Modus Operandi: If <= 12 players register, we will play one big, jolly round of duel with all players. He who wins 3( or 5) rounds of duel, earns the crown.
If more than 12 players register, there will be a “group phase” of 2 duel rounds in 2 groups. The better half of each group get thrown together and play for the crown like described above for <= 12 players. The guys who did not make it to the winning group will play a challenge with the same rules for the crown of the 2nd league.

Since this is quick and easy, requires no big hazzle to put a team together and allows non-clan members to take part in competative gaming, i am thinking of putting this up on a monthly basis. Then of course featuring a proper website with stats and all – if you like the idea that is.

Registration: Please reply to this post, if you would like to play on December 23rd, please state your ingame name also (the one you will play the cup with). Deadline for registration is December 22nd, 10pm CET.

Further details: Server address, password, will be posted here SHORTLY (an hour or so) before the cup starts.

ricochet aka [*~<|X0P]contortionist

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The Glitch

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